Security Services

Security Services – Contact us for a no-obligation discussion on what you may or may not need to secure your organization


Extant Solutions has been performing security assessments and penetration tests of varying levels of complexity for the last 10 years. We use a combination of well established tools and processes published from a variety of sources. We do not rely on simple automation to get the job done. Tailored work for your needs. With experience in DOD, Healthcare, and Education, we can provide you the depth of knowledge and experience needed to be confident that have selected the right professional to ensure your security.

  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments
    • We can customize from a simple vulnerability scan tools on a scheduled basis to a complete penetration test with tailored attacks
    • Full reporting and recommendations based upon findings
    • Assistance with remediaton if you do not have the expertise to do it yourself
  • Risk Analysis and management
    • Extensive experience in HIPAA compliance and audits
    • Full assessment of your organizations policies, procedures and best practices
    • Documented reporting and scoring of risks as needed
    • Assistance with creating and assisting with ongoing risk management programs
    • Physical, Technical, Organizational, and Administrative reviews
  • Incident response and remediation
    • Assistance with setting up and responding to emergent needs
    • People, Process, and Policy/Procedures to build effective incident handling
  • Vendor analysis and system selection
    • Review of various security technologies including SIEM, Firewalls, IDS and IPS technologies, encryption, anti-virus, web filtering, and others
    • Assistance with vendor selection and implementation of technologies


Feel free to call or email Extant at to learn more, or create an account in our service portal to make a request that we will respond to quickly.